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AMI H-F1032-43QC In-Line (Encapsulated) GAC Carbon Filters

Specifications for AMI Carbon Block Filter Cartridges

Filter Model Number:


Filter Diameter:   


Filter Length:


Connections: 1/4" Quick Connect

Carbon Type:


Perfect for under the counter reverse osmosis systems, AMI Activated Carbon Filters remove chlorine, organics, color, tannin, and objectionable tastes and odors from water. Offered in ¼” quick connect ends, these self-contained filters are installed in-line, eliminating the need for an additional housing.   Ideal for use as a polishing filter in a home point of use RO reverse osmosis system, or as a stand-alone filter for refrigerators, coolers, coffee makers, or ice maker installations.

Benefits of AMI In-Line Carbon Filters

  • AMI Carbon Filters Significantly Reduce the Following Contaminants:
    • Chlorine
    • Chlorine By-Products - Trihalomethanes (THMs): A Group of organic chemicals suspected of being carcinogenic
    • Bad Tastes & Odors
    • Turbidity (Cloudy Water)
    • Herbicides, Pesticides, & Insecticides
    • Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs): Organic Chemicals that turn into vapor
  • In-line Installation Eliminates the Need for Additional Housings
  • Coconut Shell Based Carbon is Ideal for Use as a Post/Polishing Filter
  • Quick Connect style filters connect directly to tubing, eliminating the need for additional fittings
  • Free of Surfactants, Binders, and Adhesives.


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