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  • Size (Approximate): 4" x 40"


AMI Membranes

Nanofiltration Membranes for Water Treatment Systems

AMI Membranes Product Specifications

Note:  Actual color of tape may vary from the item pictured.


Model Number:


Flow Rate:      

2000 Gal/Day (7570 Liters/Day)

Size (Approximate): 4" Diameter × 40" Length

Average Salt Rejection:


Average Hardness Rejection:


Note:  Performance specifications based on 2,000 mg/l magnesium sulfate, 150 psi (1 MPa) applied pressure, 77°F (25°C) feed water temperature, and 15% recovery.  Element permeate flow may vary ±15%.

Genuine AMI Membranes ISO USA Quality


Physical Dimensions of M-N4040A9 Nanofiltration Element:



Total Length (L):

40 In. (101.6 cm)

Membrane Length (I):

38 (96 cm)

Diameter (D):

3.9 In.  (9.9 cm)


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