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NTR RO 50 GPD "No Tools Required" Quick-Change Home RO System

NTR RO 50 GPD "No Tools Required" Quick-Change Home RO System
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Model NTR-RO-50
Price $250.00 
Manufacturer AMI
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AMI Reverse Osmosis Systems Point of Use
Point of Use Water Treatment

4 Stage NTR™ No Tools Required Quick-Change Home Reverse Osmosis Systems

Model Number: NTR-RO-50
Flow Rate: 50 Gallons Per Day

AMI NTR "No Tools Required" Quick-Change Point of Use Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO Systems) provide clean, fresh drinking water and quick and easy maintenance. The self-encapsulated filter and membranes are removed and replaced with a simple 1/4 turn, while the internal valve shuts off the flow automatically when the cartridge is removed.

AMI NTR Home RO Systems are sold fully assembled & ready to install at the point of use (POU) or under-the-sink (under-the-counter).

​Benefits of NTR Quick-Change RO Systems

  • Eliminate up to 99% of dissolved solids, chlorine, fluoride, microorganisms and heavy metals such as barium, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury from your water. Use RO purified water for drinking, cooking & ice for improved flavor and increased health benefits.
  • No Wrenches! Filter & Membrane Cartridges are connected and removed with a simple 1/4 turn.
  • No Mess! Automatic shut-off when cartridges are removed.
  • No Fuss! No need to disconnect tubing when replacing membranes.
  • Hinged bracket aids cartridge replacement.
  • Quick connect fittings for easy installation.
  • Cartridges have double o-rings so they will not leak.
  • Valves are built into the heads to prevent back-flow for water quality assurance.
  • Color-coded cartridges take the confusion out of filter replacement.
  • System can be used to supply filtered water to a refrigerator ice-maker/water-dispenser by inserting a branch tee fitting (sold separately) between the post filter and the faucet.
  • Systems are equipped with automatic shut-off valves to eliminate waste by closing the feed line when the tank is full.
  • Save Money! Consumers typically spend billions each year on bottled water products. Use of a reverse osmosis system will eliminate the need to spend money for expensive bottled water.Environmentally Friendly. The reduction in the purchase of bottled water by using a reverse osmosis system will help the environment by reducing the amount of plastics sent to landfills.

Features of NTR Quick-Change RO SystemsAMI 4 Stage Quick Change NTR RO Systems

  • 4-Stages of Filtration in color-coded cartridges to take the confusion out of filter replacement.
    • Stage 1(Red Labeled Cartridge):
      5 Micron Sediment Filter to remove dirt, rust and other suspended particles
    • Stage 2(Yellow Labeled Cartridge):
      Carbon Block Filter Cartridge to remove chlorine, taste and odor
    • Stage 3(Green Labeled Cartridge): 
      Thin Film Reverse Osmosis Membrane to remove 99% of dissolved solids
    • Stage 4 (Blue Labeled Cartridge):
      GAC Post Filter for final polishing of taste and odor

  • NTR Manifold Construction for Easy No-Tools-Required Cartridge Replacement
    • Cartridges are connected and removed with a simple 1/4 turn directly into the manifold: No fittings, no housings, no tubing.
    • Automatic shut-off when cartridges are removed.
    • Hinged bracket. 
  • Long-Reach Chrome Faucet
  • 4-Gallon Metal Storage Tank
  • Complete Installation Kit
  • Product Manual
  • Product Dimensions: 12”W × 12”H × 4”D  | Tank Dimensions: 11” dia × 15”H

Replacement Membrane and Filter Cartridges for NTR-RO-50 Systems

Stage # Cartridge Model Description Label Color Recommended Replacement
1 NTR-50S Sediment Prefilter, 5 Micron Red Every 6 Months
2 NTR-50C Carbon Prefilter, Extruded Carbon Block Yellow Every 6 Months
3 NTR-50M 50 Gallon Per Day RO Membrane Green Every 12 Months
4 NTR-50P Carbon Post Filter, GAC Blue Every 12 Months


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